We have access to 100% Right to Buy Mortgages.
100% free help with the initial Right to Buy application.
We have lenders who will allow extra borrowing for home improvements.
We have access to Right to Buy mortgage for tenants with poor credit.
Income such as Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits, Child Benefits can be used.

Right to Aquire

Step 1 – Applying to acquire your council house

You need to either contact your housing office and ask for a form (this for is called a RTA 1) to apply to buy your council house. Please click to our forms page and you will be able to download the RTA1. Once filled if either drop it off at your housing office or send it recorded delivery to the right to buy department at your council.

Step 2 – Council will acknowledged you have the right to buy

Your landlord will reply to you with in 4 weeks to let you know you have the right to buy. The form they use to confirm you have the right to buy is called an RTA 2. Once you have received this form the council have 8 weeks to value you home and get the figures back to you. This document is very important and is called a section 125.

Step 3 – Receipt of the Section 125

The section 125 is basically how much the council has determined the open market value of your home, the document with then determine how much discount you are entitled to and the most important part is how much you can buy your home for.

Step 4 – Speak to a Right to Acquire Mortgage Broker

once you have this document you can then start looking at things such as a mortgage, you might even decide that you want to raise extra funds to improve you home and son on. Alternatively you might decide that you would rather not buy and carry on renting these outcomes are your decisions. KPM Financial brokers will help in your decision making process.