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Discount Calculator

This calculator is based on assumptions and how long you have been a social housing tenant. Calculator provided as a guideline only.

Right to Buy Discount Calculator

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Explanation of the right to buy discount

Once you have been a secured tenant for the three years you are then entitled to apply for the right to buy or the right to acquire. We will focus on right to buy in this section. Once you have put your application in you are automatically entitled to a 35% discount through the right to buy rules. This discount can go up to a maximum of 70% off the market value of the property or £84,200 which ever come first.

Try our Right to Buy Calculator

Please feel free to use our discount calculator but please bare in mind this is just a guide and it will give you a rough idea of how much discount you could be entitled to. You will input the market value of your home and how long you have been a tenant. The landlord could have different figures than you have inputted.

There is two worked examples to demonstrate how the discounts work.

3 Assumptions

  • Both have the right to buy
  • Both are entitled to maximum discounts
  • Market value of properties are 100K & 150K respectively

Example 1: Family live in a property valued at £100,000 and have a full 70% discount

£100,000 X 70% = £70,000 discount and a purchase price of £30,000

Example 2: Family live in a property valued at £150,000 and have a full 70% discount

£150,000 X 70% = £105,000 due to the discount being capped at £84,200 this family will only get the 84,200 discount
not the £105,000

This would make the purchase price £65,800

We hope this helps you to understand how the discounts are calculated.