We have access to 100% Right to Buy Mortgages.
100% free help with the initial Right to Buy application.
We have lenders who will allow extra borrowing for home improvements.
We have access to Right to Buy mortgage for tenants with poor credit.
Income such as Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits, Child Benefits can be used.

Right to Buy Forms

Below are 3 forms one is called a RTB1. This form is used to apply to buy your home through the right to buy scheme. We would suggest using this form first to see if you are entitled to purchase your home through the right to buy (much bigger discounts than the right to acquire).

The second form is a RTA1. This form is used to apply to acquire your home instead of the right to buy. The difference between the two schemes is the amount of discount you are entitled to. The discounts on the right to acquire are not as generous as the right to buy discounts.

The third form is a table of the right to acquire discounts through out the the areas in the UK who can purchase their homes under the right to acquire rules.

KPM Financial Services would suggest sending the RTB1 initially and if you do not have the right to buy the council will let you know and in most cases send you the RTA1.

Please feel free to contact us to help with these forms or any other concerns you have about buying your council house.